My thoughts, feelings, and whatever the hell else I want :)I will pobably post a ton of pictures, tons of music, book reviews after I finish a good one, and when I'm really bored rants about my tv shows :)I am also going to try to be a little more personal on this. I just want to have fun with it and I hope people respect that. So a little background info.My name is Nicole. I am 22 years old and am from Buffalo, NY. I play softball and have a job that I love! I love reading and tumblr :) I am me... there is no changing that Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

disclaimer: I don't own 95% of the photos I post. If I do I will post my URL on them.leave me some messages :)

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Had such a good day today!

Today was an all around great day! I got to sleep in, then go play softball with one of my best friends in the afternoon. Watched some of the Yankee game and got to see Tex make one of his signature neeeeaaaahhhh faces lol then the family went up to a friends house, had dinner, and sat around outside eating, talking, and having a good time all night :) This is one of the reasons I love the summer!!

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